Middle School (5-8)

Curriculum Overview

  • English – Grammar, Writing, Research, Spelling, Vocabulary
  • Reading & Composition – Fiction/Nonfiction: dramas, short stories, novels, essays, speeches, autobiographies
  • Speaking & Listening – Debate, Presentation
  • Bible – Memory, New and Old Testament, Catechism
  • History/Geography – Ancient Cultures/History, World Geography, United States Constitution, United States History to 1861, United Stated History 1861-Present, Current Events
  • Math – Houghton Mifflin grade 5, Glencoe-Course 1, 2, 3, Algebra 1 (Advanced placement)
  • Science – Glencoe Physical Science, Life Science, Earth
  • Fine Arts – Art/Music/Handchimes/Physical Education
  • Foreign Languages utilizing Rosetta Stone – choose a language of interest

Fine arts help to balance the needs of the whole child. Chapel worship teams offer students opportunities to develop leadership skills. Selective field trips are offered to enrich the classroom training while providing a deeper appreciation for God’s handiwork and service opportunities within the community.

Students learn technology skills as laptops are used throughout their curriculum. Students in grades 5-8 are also given the opportunity to participate in competitive athletics throughout the school year. Students also participate in a Christmas program and grades 6-8 participate in a school play and work on the yearbook.

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